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About us

vInspired is an independent charity dedicated to helping young people volunteer in ways that matter to them

vInspired is the UK's leading youth volunteering charity.

We've been around since 2006 and in that time we've created more than one million volunteering opportunities and have changed the face of volunteering - one in three young people know who we are.

We believe that young people's creativity, energy and optimism can change the world. We're dedicated to helping them improve their skills, confidence and employability whilst doing things they really care about. 

We provide opportunities for all young people to do good things - whatever they're into, wherever they are and however much time they have to give. We make volunteering fun, rewarding and easy!

Supporting us

vInspired relies on voluntary contributions to continue supporting young people. Why don't you take part in a fundraising event to raise money for us?


We've brought thousands of volunteering opportunities for 14-25 year olds together on our Opportunity Marketplace. Every day they're snapped up by proactive young people who care about their future and the world around them.

Over 144,000 young people use to volunteer via more than 2,500 charities. There are plenty of causes to volunteer with, so you'll find something that matters to you.

Our mission is to make volunteering opportunities so diverse, compelling and accessible that giving up your time to help others becomes a natural lifestyle choice. Here's how it benefits you.

We are led by young people

vInspired believes that every young person has the right to volunteer, and reaches out to disadvantaged young people and those who've never considered volunteering.

Our projects are designed to engage youth who are under-represented in volunteering. For example, minority groups and those not in education, employment or training. 

Our Youth Advisory Board are our team of young advisors. They make sure all our projects are set up with young people at their heart.

Volunteering to suit you

Our new Schools programme will teach young people the value of volunteering early on. 

Whatever you want to achieve, one of our projects can help. We promote youth leadership through Team V, and helped more than 1,700 enterprising young people to set up their own voluntary projects with funding from Cashpoint.

Innovative programmes

We champion digital innovation. By thinking outside the box, we come up with ways to inspire young people that get us recognised nationwide. The outcome? Amazing campaigns and programmes like this:

  • Do Something UK - Building on the enormous success of Do Something in the US, Do Something UK has been set up by vInspired to harness the power of online to inspire offline action. Our calls to action are chosen to have maximum impact, without ever requiring money, an adult or a car.
  • Retail Ready People - We've teamed up with Retail Trust to offer young people in England the chance to set up and run a high street shop in their locality. The chosen volunteers put exclusive training into action by transforming empty shops into creative retail spaces at the heart of their community.
  • Purple Ninja - We think there's huge potential to use game mechanics - status, achievement, reward and competition - to support young people to do good things. Our game-centric Purple Ninja will focus on getting 11-13 year olds to involve themselves in community activities by bridging the gap between online awareness and offline actions.

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Recognising volunteers

The vInspired Awards provide formal recognition of the time and skills you invest in volunteering, and the benefits to people, communities and the environment. They can even be used on UCAS application. Our star-studded annual National Awards celebrates the best young volunteers around the UK.

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