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vInspired keeps volunteering on the agenda

Good for nothing

vInspired's Good for Nothing campaign challenges the idea that young people are associated with anti-social behaviour or crime and asks the public to pause for thought before judging young people based on their age or appearance. The campaign features four volunteers who have all been victims of negative stereotyping yet give their time for the benefit of the community, or in simple terms doing “good’ for “nothing”.

Research shows that 69% of British adults think young people treat others with a lack of respect and consideration in the public and 40% think teenagers have a predominantly negative impact on their community. However figures reveal that only 1% of 16-25 year olds do not respect their elders, 48% have given their time for the benefit of people in their area.

Tim Loughton, Shadow Minister for Children and Young People said, “It’s time to recognise that hundreds of thousands of young people give Britain something for nothing. Negative stereotyping is the psychology of laziness – we have to challenge it.”

Dawn Primarolo, Minister for Children and Young People said, “I welcome vInspired’s new advertising campaign because hopefully it will make everyone think twice about young people before they believe in or contribute to the negative stereotyping. .. A higher percentage of young people volunteer than in any other age group and it’s about time that we celebrate the positive contribution they make and recognise and reward them for their hard work and respect of others.”

Read more about the young people featured in the campaign or have your say by texting v to 60505.


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