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v is dedicated to understanding more about young people and the impact of youth volunteering



Longitudinal scoping study with Institute of Volunteering Research (IVR), Natcen and Birkbeck

A scoping study to identify the possible approaches to monitoring the long term impact of volunteering. Through literature reviews, interviews with research organisations and consultations with stakeholders (youth sector, policy and young people) we will propose a methodology (and budget) that is methodologically and ethically sound, complements existing studies and is financially viable. The final report will be published in Autumn 2010.


Volunteering and young people’s capabilities with Demos

This research will develop and pilot an innovative set of evaluative tools for measuring real changes in young people’s capabilities and attitudes as a result of volunteering. Using a series of cognitive tests we will measure actual changes in competences and dispositions, behaviours and attitudes. The project aims to develop new approaches to broaden the recognition of the value of volunteering to include the social benefits to young people and society. The final report will be published in Spring 2011.


Value of volunteering with the Institute of Employment Studies (IES)

This research aims to identify and characterise the unique features of volunteering in comparison with other initiatives aimed at young people. Through tracking volunteers over a 6 month period and interviews with a large range of community organisations the research will explore drivers for engaging in volunteering and how volunteering contributes to community cohesion. The final report will be published in Spring 2011.


Youth leader and communities with Gamechangers and the University of Gloucestershire 

The research will explore the impact of youth leadership volunteering placements on young people, particularly looking at changes in their personal aspirations, skill development, engagement with the local community and wider social issues. It will also explore the impact of youth leaders work on the wider community, focusing on community cohesion, social inclusion, and intergenerational relationships. The final report will be published in Spring 2012.


Benefits and volunteering with CFE

This research will explore the role that Connexions and Jobcentre Plus play in sign-posting and promoting volunteering to their clients/service users who are between 16 to 25 years of age. The research will look at the organisational enablers and barriers to sign posting volunteering, policy perspectives on volunteering and its ability to enhance employability, and young people’s experience of transition from JCP/Connexions to volunteering activities.


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