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21 September 2011

V and the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust and selected as 2012 National Citizen Service providers

V and the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust are proud to have been selected to run a National Citizen Service (NCS) pilot scheme in 2012.  Minister for Civil Society, Nick Hurd, announced that up to 30,000 16-year-olds would have the chance to benefit from the scheme next year, opening up NCS to three times the number of young people who got involved in 2011. 

NCS aims to promote a more cohesive, responsible and engaged society by bringing young people from different backgrounds together to make a difference in their communities.  It is a voluntary programme for 16-year-olds which focuses on their personal and social development which includes challenging activities, from away-from-home residential experiences to a self-designed social action project.

Terry Ryall, v Chief Executive, comments: “Together with our local partners, we at v, the National Young Volunteers’ Service, have given hundreds of young people across the country the ‘Summer of a Lifetime’ as part of the National Citizen Service scheme.  Participants have had the chance to develop social and practical skills and use their creativity to do something good for their communities.  All of which will help build their confidence and recognise what they have to offer society.  We are delighted that we will be able to provide this opportunity for over a thousand more young people next summer.”

Dame Kelly Holmes comments: “I am delighted that my charity, the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust, is once again partnering with v to run part of the National Citizen programme in 2012. I visited a group in Harrow on last year’s National Citizen Service programme and I saw first-hand just how much of a positive impact it had and how empowered the young people all felt to go on and do great things with their lives.

“I believe The National Citizen Service provides young people with a unique opportunity. This programme engages them in physical challenges and allows them to communicate and integrate with other young people whilst planning and delivering projects that will benefit communities. I am very excited about continuing our partnership and believe we can make this an unrivalled experience for young people.”

DKH Legacy Trust CEO Julie Whelan says: “It is a real pleasure to be working with v on the National Citizen Service in 2012. By working with a range of local partners, we have been able to reach hundreds of young people all over the country. Next year’s programme promises to create life chances for even more young people through the support of our athlete mentors.”

Minister for Civil Society, Nick Hurd, said: “Having visited National Citizen Service schemes this summer, I have been extremely impressed by the fantastic community spirit being created and the dedication, hard work and tenacity not only of the NCS participants, but also their youth workers and leaders.  Everyone I have met has genuinely enjoyed the scheme and spoken highly about the benefits. 

“I’m delighted we can begin to roll this out further and move towards the Government’s ultimate goal to make this a rite of passage and give every 16 year old the chance to get involved.  The 2011 participants will undoubtedly reap the rewards of their hard work this summer and go on inspired to achieve great things.” 

For more information please contact, 020 7960 7072, 07825 597873

Notes to Editors

1.    The Prime Minister announced National Citizen Service in July 2010.  For further information see:
2.    Negotiations are currently under way with other potential NCS service providers and we expect to make further announcements shortly.  For more information on the nationwide NCS scheme and other service providers for 2012 please contact the Cabinet Office Press Office on 0207 276 0393.
3.    About v: v, The National Young Volunteers Service, aims to inspire a new generation of volunteers (aged 14-25) across England.  We do this by creating a diverse range of volunteering and social action opportunities to help young people take action to improve lives, communities and the planet.  2011 is the European Year of Volunteering 2011 in the European Union, putting a spotlight on volunteering across Europe to help create a culture of giving time. v has been appointed as an official partner, working with Catch22 to deliver the Children & Young People spotlight theme.  See for more information on what we do and how we do it.
4.    About the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust: The DKH legacy Trust inspires young people and unlocks life chances for them by improving their skills, knowledge and self belief through support and mentoring projects with sporting champions’.


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