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At vInspired, we are committed to giving young people the recognition they deserve

That's why we've launched the vinspired awards, a national recognition scheme to highlight the amazing talents of young volunteers and celebrate the difference they make every day through volunteering.

Building on the past achievements of Millennium Volunteers, the vinspired awards have a "skills for life" focus, helping young people to:

  • identify the skills they have gained through their volunteering experiences
  • reflect on the positive impact of their activities on their communities
  • confidently articulate their experiences and achievements to ensure they never sell themselves short!

vfifty and vimpact

The scheme is made up of two levels of award: vfifty, issued for 50 hours volunteering, and vimpact which represents a further 100 hours of volunteering plus reflection on the skills gained and the impact made on the community.

vinspired awards aim to recognise young people's contributions at every level, whether they're having a first taste of volunteering or making a long-term regular commitment.

The awards are backed by the Government, CBI, IOD, CIPD, The Recruitment and Employment Foundation (REC), James Caan, Martha Fox Lane and Karen Brady. Read testimonials here.

vinspired National Awards

On 26 November, vInspired hosts the first vinspired national awards ceremony at Indigo at the o2. The event will help to recognise the outstanding contributions young people have made to their communities through all forms of volunteering.

For more information, visit the vinspired National Awards site.


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