Story Tellers - Taking children on adventures of the imagination

Story Teller - Bring a Book to Life

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Organised by CharlotteBrewer

Hey, I'm Charlotte, representing Team V in the mighty town of Cheltenham (and the surrounding areas). Volunteering has become part of my life in a biiiiiigg way. Literally did one event and got the bug. So keep checking out my page to find out opportunities for you to get involved and have an aw...

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Bringing stories to life for children

We are aiming to hold a number of story telling workshops for children. We hope to be able to bring the story to life for them and engage them completely with books.To do this we need organisers, story tellers, book lovers, child orientated event managers. We'll need to organise, advertise and run the events and make them as engaging, creative and alive as possible. So anyone who can contribute anything do join us AND GIVE ONE OF THE GREATEST GIFTS POSSIBLE; BOOKS.


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