Greenpeace with Festivals 2013

campaigner, carpenter, fundraiser, photograph

Where we need you
Greenpeace, Canonbury Villas, , London, N1 2PN
When we need you
Weekdays Weekends Evenings
Suitable for ages
18 to 25
Sorry, this opportunity isn't recruiting volunteers at the moment.

Organised by Greenpeace UK

Greenpeace is an international non-profit global campaigning organisation. Our independence and global reach enables us to stand for positive change through action in order to defend nature and promote peace. Greenpece investigates and exposes global environmental problems, confronts those in pos...

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What are your plans for this summer? Wouldn�t you rather help Greenpeace defend our world?

What are your plans for this summer? Wouldn’t you rather help Greenpeace defend our world? Does working hard as part of a Greenpeace team at the summer festivals sound like your idea of fun? 
If your answers to those two questions are yes, Greenpeace is looking for volunteers to help at festivals, campaigning to save the Arctic:
As you know, the Arctic is melting fast and it’s vital we protect it from the Oil Companies which are drilling without a care.  Nearly 3 million people have already signed up worldwide. To reach an even larger audience, Greenpeace will be present at many of the summer’s festivals to talk about the Arctic situation.
Last year, was a lot of fun for everyone even if it was muddy sometimes. We except to enjoy it even more this year. Our crew are energetic, motivated and determined to work together to make a difference. We are looking for all sorts of skills from helping build our features to feeding our crew, from stewarding our fields to engaging with the public. The most important asset is a positive attitude and a desire to contribute to of our team.
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