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National Awards Finalists 2014
Supported by RBS Early Careers

Find out what these amazing young people have done to nab themselves the title of National Finalist.

Picking the National Finalists from the shortlist was harder than ever this year, be sure to check out the amazing stories of our Regional Winners too.

Award categories

Best Young Volunteer

A category exclusively for 11-18 year olds who have shown huge enthusiasm for volunteering.

All Round Commitment to Volunteering

Given to the 14-25 year old who has shown a 100% commitment to volunteering and made a positive impact on all they're involved in.

Bringing Communities Together

For the young volunteer who has really transformed their community and brought people from many different backgrounds together.

Team Activity

An award for the most inspiring team of young volunteers who through working together and sharing ideas made a huge positive impact to their community.

Outstanding Contribution by a Youth Worker

For the UK's greatest youth worker. An award for the most inspiring and passionate supporter of young volunteers.

Most Outstanding NCS Team

Awarded to the NCS team that created and delivered a social action project that had a huge positive benefit to their local community.

Most Outstanding Social Entrepreneur

The award for the most innovative idea, product or service for tackling a pressing social problem.