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About Tyrell C

I am a multi-talented and passionate volunteer who divides his time between mentoring, fundraising, being an ambassador for his community and an environmentalist.

Tyrell c's opportunities

Helping The Homeless

Team V Leader

Team v gives 18 – 25 year old volunteers the chance to change the world one campaign at a time, whilst gaining valuable leadership skills.It gives talented young people the opportunity to become effective social campaigners, inspiring them to respond to social problems and lead projects to tackle them.

New Years Parade
Brent Youth Volunteers

I represented Brent at the New Years Parade to celebrate twin themes of The Olympic Games and Her Majesty the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Brent's entry also focused on themes such as cultural diversity, unity and youth.I also helped raised £5000 for charities such as Brent Mind.

Environmental Work
Brent Youth Volunteers/ Groundwork London

Environmental & green issues, fair trade and ethical projects, public events and volunteering to support Friends of Brent River Park

Brent Youth Parliament
Brent Youth Parliament

Brent Youth Parliament (BYP) is a group for young people in Brent to express their views and have a say about decisions that affect them. The youth parliament is made up of young people aged 10-19 years old, from all walks of life. I am an elected member who represents young people views in the meetings.For example the views on closing libraries.

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