Terms and Conditions for Volunteers

Welcome to, a digital platform that connects young people with volunteering opportunities.

By using this website you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Any information you provide to us through the website will be treated in line with our Privacy Policy.

1. Introduction

If you use the Website, you must comply with these Terms and Conditions.

We’ve used a few different terms in these Terms and Conditions – we’ve let you know what they mean in the glossary at the bottom of this page.

You should read the Terms and Conditions in full, but here are some important points we want you to know about:

1.1 You must be 14 years old or over to use the website. If you’re under 16, you may need to have permission from your parent or guardian to sign up to some roles advertised on the website.

1.2 You can only sign up to the website and apply for Roles if you are aged 14-30 (inclusive). The only exception to this is if you are signing up via a school’s website.

1.3 Our Providers are independent from us. We ask that providers comply with all relevant policies and legislation, particularly on data protection and safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. All organisations have to confirm that they meet these standards before they can use our website or services, and we do random checks on our Providers to make sure they’re compliant, however but we cannot guarantee that they all do

1.4 We can’t guarantee that the Roles shown on the website are available.

1.5 We will only share the information you give to us with organisations who has agreed to follow our Privacy Policy. We are allowed to do this even if you have chosen to have a private profile.

1.7 If you do not want the content you put on the website to be made publicly available, you can choose to have a private profile.

2. Website Use

2.1 You can’t change the website, or do anything that might damage or disrupt the good working order of the website, our equipment or software. The only exceptions are here in these Terms and Conditions.

2.2 You agree that Vinspired Digital Limited. can – at any time and without prior notice – replace or change these Terms and Conditions. If you keep using this website after changes are made, this means that you have accepted the updated Terms and Conditions. You should visit this page often to check any changes.

2.3 You must keep your passwords secret. If you think another person or organisation is misusing your password, get in touch with us straightaway.

3. Accuracy

3.1 Vinspired Digital Limited. can’t guarantee that information on the website is accurate, verified or complete. vInspired accepts no liability if you or any person or organisation relies on or uses the information.

3.2 Vinspired Digital Limited. can’t guarantee that the website or your use of it will be uninterrupted, or free from errors, viruses or harmful material. It’s your job to make sure that your computer is suitable to use the website.

3.3 Information that you give to us

  • You agree that any information you give to us is true.
  • Any information you give to us through the website will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

3.4 Copyright and monitoring:

  • The content of the website is owned by Vinspired Digital Limited. No content from the website may be copied, used or reproduced without our written consent, except where it is used for research and non-commercial use where no consent is required. Please send your written requests to use content from the website to [email protected].

3.5 Linked sites and Providers:

  • When you access another website (including Provider websites) using links on the website, you understand that it is independent from vInspired and that we have no control over that website, or the services it offers.

4. Liability

4.1 We can accept no liability if you suffer losses or damages from using or in connection with the use of the website.

4.2 Vinspired Digital Limited. accepts no responsibility for any losses or damages caused or alleged to be caused by your participation in a Role. Any concerns or complaints regarding any Role should be directed to the Provider.

4.3 Vinspired Digital Limited. is not liable for any losses or damages caused or alleged to be caused by your use of another website or resource. Any concerns regarding any external link should be directed to [email protected] immediately.

4.4 If we are liable to you for any reason, our liability will be limited to £500. (This limit does not apply to any liability we may have for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence or fraudulent misrepresentation).

5. Legal

5.1 We can assign, transfer or replace Vinspired Digital Limited. or subcontract any or all of our rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions at any time.

5.2 If any term of these Terms and Conditions is illegal, invalid, or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining terms will still be valid.

5.3 Your use of this website and any dispute arising out of such use of the website is subject to English Laws.

5.4 Except in respect of a payment obligation to Vinspired Digital Limited. neither you nor vInspired will be held liable for any failure to perform any obligation to the other due to causes beyond your reasonable control.

5.5 Failure or delay by either party to enforce an obligation or exercise a right under these Terms and Conditions shall not be a waiver of that obligation or right.

5.6 Except where Providers are provided with rights under these Terms and Conditions, these Terms and Conditions do not confer any rights on any person or party (other than you and/or us) pursuant to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

5.7 Notices:

All contact or notices to be given in relation to these Terms and Conditions or your use of the website shall be given:

  • To us via email to [email protected] or
  • To you, via these Terms and Conditions or at the email address you provide when creating your profile (or later updated).

6. Website use

6.1 You mustn’t use the website in a way that is offensive, threatening, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, harassing, false, misleading or unreliable, or is likely to bring vInspired or its website into disrepute.

6.2 You agree to not share content that will infringe on anyone’s rights – person or organisation. This includes privacy or publicity rights.

6.3 vInspired accepts no responsibility for any content posted by Providers or volunteers, but we do reserve the right to remove or edit content.

6.4 If you have any concerns about material on the website, you can get in touch with us by emailing: [email protected].

6.5 We and our Providers reserve the right to suspend or end your access to the website immediately at any time.

6.6 We and our Providers reserve the right to edit, or ask you to edit, content posted on the website at any time.

6.7 Any content you post on the website may be used by vInspired for any purpose subject to our Privacy Policy.

6.8 If the way you use the website, the content you upload, or any breach of these Terms and Conditions creates losses for Vinspired Digital Limited., you will compensate us for all losses. This includes direct and indirect losses, all costs and damages.

6.9 If your access to the website is terminated or suspended for any reason, you must not access the website or any other vInspired website. You also mustn’t create a new profile without our permission.

7. Glossary

  • Content – refers to any user generated content posted, attached or added to the website including but not limited to any commentary, emails, information, screenshots, photographs, pictures, videos, text and artwork.
  • House Rules – refers to the house rules that form part of these Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy – refers to the privacy policy that forms part of the Terms and Conditions
  • Profile – refers to any profile you create during your use of the website
  • Service, services – refers to vInspired service, a volunteering programme run by vInspired and facilitated through the website (through which Providers can offer and arrange Roles for you).
  • Providers – refers to organisations who make Roles available to users through the website
  • Role or Roles – refer to any volunteering activities (including but not limited to opportunities, roles, projects and events) offered to users on the website through a Provider
  • Terms and Conditions – refers to these Terms and Conditions, including the House Rules and Privacy Policy as updated or amended from time to time.
  • Vinspired Digital Limited a registered limited company under number 14962671. If you would like to contact vInspired please email [email protected].
  • Website – refers to this website
  • We, us, our – refers to Vinspired Digital Limited a registered limited company under number 14962671.
  • You, your – refer to the person using the website.