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Letter Writing to Terminally ill Children.
Post Pals

This evolved out of the Vinspire opportunity "Email a Sick Child" which I enlisted myself on. Following this I have spent time reading up about the organisation and I hope to send out post to as many 'pals' as possible. I aim to write to at least 5 children a month.I have already written to three pals: Katy H, Kerry F and Mollie A. I hope to collect together some photo images of pals receiving post, but that is completely down to the parents as I have left my email address with the parents. [I have added this as a separate section because there are technical difficulties with the Vinspire site which would not allow me to continue clocking my hours with this project so I added it as a seperate entity. Mainly because I would also like to do some fundraising/spread the word off my own back!]

Help From Home

If you've lived, you've learned. Psychology researchers are gagging for your answers!

Children In Need Bake Sale Volunteer & Event Assistant
Raising and Giving Society Bath Spa University.

We ran a bake sale at at student union to raise money for Children in Need. We raised £150 in total on cakes. We also went and collected money around campus. This amounted to some £100. In the evening I ran an event at the student union from 7pm-12pm where we had organised silly challenges and getting the rugby team involved by waxing them! This event raised another £250 and was a fun night!

Volunteer @ Lion's of Bath Charity Auction
Just V Society Bath Spa University

I was a volunteer at Bath's Royal Crescent charity auction event whereby I spent my time on crowd control, offering any information about the auction itself and how to get involved, selling tickets for the event at the gates, crowd counting, litter-picking and other duties to assist the smooth running of the day.

E-Mentoring [Scholars Programme]
Brightside and Villiers Park

I have been selected as an E-Mentor for the pilot scheme Villiers Park are running: The role is online based and through the process of matching my area of expertise and the potential "Scholar's" interests I will have a small group of young people who have the ability to continue on to University level study but may have significant barrier (such as background etc.) My role will be to inspire, communicate with, signpost useful information and all in all just be a comforting ear for those who may have lost the drive or are not being inspired to reach their full potential else where. My personal aim is to make contact with each of my Scholars three days a week: to offer any advice, useful website links or just to offer any other personal support. I hope to contribute as thoroughly as possible to the cause as education is very important to me. I myself came from a working class background and have worked hard to achieve in the very middle classed institution of education; so I feel I can relate to those young people who may feel that they do not have the opportunity to study at University. Mainly I want to build an image as a cheerleader. I will be positive and I will encourage my Scholar's to achieve. I hope to send out useful information about employment etc at least once a month. Depending on my Scholars needs I will be happy to look over any applications they have made etc. Training completed: 11/02/12

Help From Home

Assess the characteristics people find attractive in faces, to add to the greater understanding of the human psyche

The BB Group

Advert closed.

Bath Cats and Dogs Home

Be part of the volunteer support team at the Bath Half volunteering in the post finish area.

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