Organisation Admin Help


  1. Will awards I’ve previously processed be visible when I log into the new admin site?

    Yes, all previously processed and pending awards will be visible in the awards section under the 'awarded' tab when you log into the new admin site. To see a walk through on awards click here.

  2. Can I still see which young people are ‘following’ my organisation?

    All your followers will be available under the 'people' tab by selecting 'followers'.

  3. Can I delete hours?

    You can delete hours that have been added to your opportunities in error, but please only do this if the young person asks or the number added is clearly wrong. For a walkthrough click here.

  4. How to I approve or decline volunteers?

    You can approve or decline volunteers from the volunteers section found under 'people' on the navigation. You can also do it from the opportunity roles section. For a walk through click here.

  5. What are the key changes I will see?

    We’ve introduced a more guided approach to posting your opportunities, made it easier to monitor the status of opportunities and awards, and simplified the awards validation process.

  6. Can I add new admin users to my organisation’s account?

    Yes, you can add new users under the ‘people’ tab. Select ‘admin users’, then ‘add admin’. To see a walk through for creating admins click here.

  7. I manage lots of volunteer opportunities. How can the new portal support me to do this?

    We’ve made it much simpler to view, search and filter opportunities and roles in the new admin site. For those needing to publish lots of similar opportunities we’ve added a ‘clone opportunity’ function to help you replicate listings quickly. To see how to create opportunites click here, to edit existing opportunities click here, or the publish and unpublish your opportunities click here.

We're always adding to these FAQs, so if there's anything you would like to see here, or anything else you need help on, please email