vInspired Impact Report 2014

Our impact report is a reflection of the difference vInspired has made over the past year (2013-2014). It tells a story about the young people we’ve inspired and the communities they’ve helped to change.

Measuring our work is really important to us. This report and our ongoing commitment to improving our evaluation will help prove to funders that their money is well spent. It will help young people and partners to trust our work. And will show us how how we can keep improving our services.

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126 young leaders ran community campaigns and recruited 626 local volunteers with Team v

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265 unemployed young people gained new skills through vInspired Talent

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222 young people were given vInspired cashpoint grants and recruited 1,416 volunteers

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4,520 students registered to volunteer with the vInspired Schools programme

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2,903 school leavers had an introduction to volunteering through the NCS

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25,570 young people logged into, of whom 21,319 registered for the first time

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6,267 young people took action on issues they cared about with Do Something UK

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4,843 young people recorded their volunteering hours to gain vInspired Awards

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198 14-25 year olds took part in our pilot projects Task Squad and Igniter.

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Notes on methodologies

Reporting periods for the evaluation reports cited differ because they were originally published to reflect programme delivery timelines (for example, Team v runs from October to June, while vInspired cashpoint is an ongoing programme). This means that participation numbers reported in individual programme evaluation reports may differ slightly from those reported here, which cover the period April 2013 - March 2014.

How we counted the number of young people we reached:


  • vInspired and Do Something UK Twitter followers and Facebook fans
  • Email mailing list
  • SMS subscription list
  • Unique visitors to


  • Users who logged in to
  • Young people who participated in a Do Something UK campaign
  • Young people who received vInspired Awards for their volunteering hours


Number participating on:
  • Team v our social action leadership programme
  • vInspired Talent our development programme for young unemployed people
  • vInspired cashpoint funding for social action
  • vInspired Schools our volunteering programme for schools
  • National Citizen Service (NCS)
  • Task Squad our paid job service for young volunteers
  • vInspired Igniter our social action crowdfunding platform