Community events

Want to get your friends and family (or colleagues or school mates) together to do something fun? Try these!

Bake sale

OK, it’s nothing new. But who doesn’t love cake? Or run your own Bake Off. (‘Bun’ puns optional, but encouraged)

Quiz Night

Got better general knowledge than Stephen Fry? Prove it. There are tonnes of ready-made quizzes online. This 90s music challenge is a favourite. Have it at home, in the pub (if you’re over 18, of course) or in the office. We reckon a £5 fee per person is fair, but you can raise a bit extra with a raffle or bonus rounds. Your venue or local businesses could donate prizes.

Go retro

Retro party games make fundraising SO MUCH fun. Get everyone in your office/class/club to give £2 to take part for a mass musical chairs. Remember, you need lots of chairs and a big space (this could get crazy!). If you want to do something bigger, run an old school sports day with sack races, three-legged races and welly-wanging (don’t cry if the bigger boys nick your plimsolls).

Karaoke Night

Let out your inner Celine Dion. Singers donate per song (or non-singers pay to avoid the humiliation). You don’t need loads of equipment. Borrow a mic and check out this list of great karaoke apps. Or make it a lip sync battle instead – you know we would beat you in head-to-head of Bohemian Rhapsody…

This is just a short list - the possibilities are endless!

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