Something a bit different

Had enough of fun runs? Try something different to raise funds for vInspired

Fundraise while you shop

Support vInspired whilst you shop online, for no extra cost to you.

With Easyfundraising, simply sign up, pick vInspired as your charity to support, and shop 'til you drop - it really is as easy as that. 

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Give it up

What’s your bad habit? We know you have one. That Dairy Milk addiction? Hours on Netflix when you should be writing your dissertation? Give it up. Get your friends and family to sponsor you. (Your mum really wants you to stop watching Netflix). Make it hard – at least a month. And finally shake that habit.

Jargon Jar

Going forward, let’s get on the same page to get traction on this issue. We need some blue sky thinking to make this happen. Or not. Challenge your colleagues to drop 50p in a jargon jar every time they come out with a cringe-worthy office-ism

Get arty

Unleash your inner Picasso. Charge £1 to contribute to a crowd-sourced art work. A mass colouring-in therapy session? A huge ‘v’ for vInspired covered in glitter (we’d really like that)?  A digital art work – £1 a pixel? Let your creative juices flow.

Sell a skill

Are you really good at something like photography? Or coding? Or just good enough at odd jobs that other people don’t want to do, like cleaning and mowing lawns? Spend a day charging for your services and raise some money for amazing young people who spend their time doing good deeds for free!

Sell your stuff

If you’re starting to feel like a hoarder, have a clear out and sell your stuff on e-Bay or at a car boot sale.

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