Volunteer to make your mark

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is a fantastic way to make your mark on a cause that you care about and learn new things along the way.

There really is a volunteering opportunity for everyone; whether sport or music is your thing, if you want to travel far and wide or help out closer to home, there will be an opportunity that's just right for you.

Gain Skills

Volunteering teaches you useful new skills things like communication skills, team work and decisions making which will help make you stand out from the crowd when it comes to getting a job.

vinspired Awards recognise the hours you put into volunteering - get your v10, v30, v50 and v100 awards, and add some extra wow to your CV.

Do good, feel good

Volunteering is super flexible and it's rewarding too. Doing good things makes you feel pretty brilliant. 

Plus, you get to control when and where you do it and how much of your time you can commit. 

Volunteering can change your world; wherever you are, whatever you're into


Get recognised - log your hours

  • Just log the hours you spend volunteering to work towards getting vinspired Awards
  • You don't just have to add volunteering that you did through vInspired, any volunteering you do can contribute to vinspired Awards
  • Find out more about vinspired Awards

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