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Impress employers with your volunteering

  • Red Bull

    We believe young people if supported can realise their dreams and make a positive contribution to society and volunteering is the perfect way to make this happen. Never has this been more important than now with unemployment soaring especially for the young population.
    Nigel Trood.
    CEO, Red Bull
  • HSBC

    As an employer, I'm always keen to look for things in people outside the ordinary. Exam results are important of course, but we're also looking for other skills and other attributes. If somebody has volunteering on their CV, they are more likely to be attractive to potential employers.
    Peter Bull,
  • Jack Petchey Foundation

    At a time of increasing unemployment for young people, we believe it is essential that the maximum number of opportunities are available for young people to participate in society and engage with different community groups. A small amount invested at a young age can enable young people to make the transition to adulthood and ensure they are net contributors to society, rather than dependent upon the state in years to come.
    Trudy Kilcullen,
    Chief Operating Officer, Jack Petchey Foundation
  • Confederation of British Industries

    The CBI is pleased to support the vInspired awards because they allow young people to assess and articulate to employers the impact of volunteering on key employability skills. And that can only enhance a young person’s future prospects.
    Richard Wainer,
    Confederation of British Industries

The vInspired awards hall of fame

  • I saw vfifty as an amazing chance for me to get recognised for giving up my time to help others. It made me more determined to do my part and I am very glad that I was able to complete it because now I know that I have made a difference.
    Paramjot Kalsi,
  • I think that vfifty is one of the most efficient ways of improving your CV, keeping track of your volunteering efforts and of providing a tangible reward for all the hard work and commitment.
    Jack Jones,
  • I am so grateful for all of the experience and skills I have managed to gain through volunteering. I feel the skills I have developed from these experiences amount to more than I ever got from school or work alone and have given me the opportunity to progress within my career.
    Joshua Bennett,
  • I've developed as a person by means of volunteering and have learned invaluable life skills in all sorts of capacities and roles. I can't stress enough how important it is to try new things, I never pass up an opportunity and have never regretted those decisions.
    Fabia Leech,
  • My confidence and self-esteem have improved dramatically in the time that I have been volunteering and this has had a real impact on my studies as a medical student.
    Jenny Worrall,
  • I originally wanted to work as a vet or with animals but through volunteering I have managed to find a job that I really want to do. Volunteering has also boosted my confidence a lot which has also had a positive effect on my health as I used to get stressed about meeting new people.
    Rebecca McWilliams,
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