About Us

The New Frontier of Youth Volunteering

Since 2006, Vinspired has been a beacon for young volunteers, igniting the passion for community service among thousands in the UK. Our journey began with a simple, yet powerful mission: to expand youth volunteering opportunities and make a lasting impact.

Embarking on a Digital Renaissance

In 2023, Vinspired embraced transformation under the visionary leadership of Vinspired Digital Limited, steered by our dedicated Director, Eser Poyraz. With Eser's technical expertise since 2016, we've seen the boundless possibilities of this platform. "Witnessing Vinspired's potential firsthand, I was compelled to ensure its legacy continues to thrive," Eser remarks.

Innovation at the Core

With a fresh perspective, Vinspired Digital Limited is revitalizing the platform. We are at the forefront of introducing a contemporary, secure online space, rich with innovative features to seamlessly connect charities, volunteers, and local communities. Our commitment goes beyond preserving our heritage; we're forging a path of innovation.

A Sustainable Future

Transitioning from a charity to a sustainable business model, we've liberated ourselves from the limitations of traditional funding. Our growth is now fueled by the tangible benefits we offer to our users, enabling us to invest in breakthrough innovations and enhance our service.

Shaping Tomorrow Together

Our vision is bold - to spearhead the digital revolution in the UK's non-profit sector, harnessing technology to forge powerful connections and drive social action.

The Heart of Community

At Vinspired, community isn't just a concept; it's the essence of our existence. We're enhancing our communication platforms and evolving Vinspired to be more community-centric than ever before.

Join the Movement

We're excited to unveil diverse ways for you to get involved. Your engagement is pivotal to sculpting the future of volunteering in the UK.

Celebrating Voluntary Service

Vinspired has been instrumental in creating over one million volunteer roles, fostering a spirit of altruism among the youth. With Vinspired, you can volunteer in ways that suit you, regardless of where you are. Our inclusive platform ensures that every young person can find their niche and contribute meaningfully.

Honoring Dedication

Our Vinspired Awards, integrated with the Skills Builder Partnership, empower young volunteers to showcase their skills and experiences, giving them an edge in their educational and career pursuits. With the v10, v30, v50, and v100 Awards, we celebrate and verify your volunteer contributions, providing digital certificates to share and cherish.

Connecting Organisations and Volunteers

We assist a plethora of organizations in recruiting young volunteers, offering the option to become an Awards Provider.

Get in Touch

Youth aged 14-30 seeking advice on volunteering or interested in the Vinspired Awards, as well as organizations looking to partner with us, are invited to reach out.

Contact us at [email protected] and join us in this transformative journey of volunteerism.

Address: 128 City Road, London, United Kingdom