Beta Generation

vInspired identifies a new generation of social entrepreneurs as research reveals the economic climate is a stimulant for change amongst 16-21 year olds.

Our new study has uncovered that the current economic climate has spawned a generation of young people determined to shape their own future. They have been dubbed the Beta Generation - in constant beta testing mode, they try, fail and try again until they get where they want to be.

Why is recognising the Beta Generation so important?

vInspired’s very own Chief Executive, Terry Ryall, has highlighted why the recognition of this segment of young people is both significant and crucial to our society:

“I’m fed up hearing nothing but doom and gloom about our young people - lazy, unskilled, selfish, unmotivated and with no hope. I must be living in a parallel universe! This is not what we see at vInspired. As the youth unemployment rates have shown little sign of improvement, we have been heartened by the positivity, energy and refusal to ‘lie down and be done to’ of the young people we meet. They have great ideas, and they want to give them a go. And why not? They have everything to gain with all the free tools and opportunities now available to help them turn their ideas into reality. This Beta Generation has what it takes to not only propel themselves into employment, but to give our economy that much needed boost of energy and vitality.

So, instead of moaning about how hard it all is, we at vInspired are taking our inspiration from the Beta Generation, and working out new ways to help these young people build on their assets and create something new.”

What is the Beta Generation facing?

Despite one in five young people being out of work, our research has identified this new generation of social entrepreneurs. These are our young risk-takers who are willing to take responsibility for their own future, with 81% of 16 – 21 year olds saying they will not sit back and wait for things to happen to them. Instead 56% of the Beta Generation claim that they are already embracing entrepreneurial spirit – trying things out for themselves and showing amazing resilience as they find new ways to make money and carve their own path.

What makes you part of the Beta Generation?

The current economic climate and developments in technology as a networking, marketing and learning tool, combined with the key neurological characteristics of this age group, are factors identified in an exclusive report by neuroscientist Jack Lewis. His study reveals that the adolescent brain is programmed to be more likely to take risks and less concerned with failure than that of an adult.

Characteristics of the Beta Generation

• 97% driven to try new things and develop their own career paths that reflect their own passions and interests above any other factor

• 65% would consider other options of making money if they are unable to find employment with a company (such as selling products they have made online)

• 85% say they are taking sole responsibility for their own career

• 93% have gone out of their way to learn something new, such as speaking a new language, learning how to code or how to repair things

How Beta Generation spurs into action

Our studies have not only shown the determination in this group of young people to take control of their futures, they’ve identified the direction they want these self-started careers to take. Happily, the statistics prove that charitable gestures are at the forefront of the mind for many of the nations’ young people:

• 61% want their career to have an impact on society

• 75% want their work to make a difference to others

• 94% want to feel satisfied that they have done something good

• One in three (32%) agree that enjoying their work is more important than the salary they earn (21%)

How will they forge careers?

Unsurprisingly, technological developments will play a major role in advancing the Beta Generation:

• One in five (22%) using the internet to set-up their own ventures

• 75% using online media as a resource to learn from other people

• 18% have used social media as a way of making money through their own skills

The research

Take a look at Dr. Jack's Beta Generation neurological report.

Take a look at YouGov's report on what the Beta Generation have in mind for the future.

Beta Generation infographic

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First posted on 28th January 2013
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