It’s time for more Lolz NOT Trolls

Have you ever been tweeting, Facebooking or Tumbling your life away, only to be met with a nasty comment from a stranger?

Or perhaps you’re a little guilty of sending out mean comments yourself (our research shows one in ten of you have) via social media?

The term used for sending out this type of mean comment is “trolling”.

Do Something UK, our programme that champions social good by highlighting causes online, is standing up to trolls. Check out the Lolz NOT Trolls app and learn how stay positive online. There could be an iPad mini in it for you if you do!

Who gets trolled?

Worryingly, our research has uncovered that a quarter of young people face regular trolling attacks. One in three people who receive these derogatory messages have found them devastating, and have put loss of confidence down to this abuse.

One in ten young people have admitted to trolling themselves by sending negative or abusive messages to people they know, or to a celebrity.

Why do people become trolls?

Although 60% of 14-18 year olds believe that trolling is ultimately wrong, a shocking 23% of people did it because they thought it was funny.<!> 29% of trolls sent abuse because their friends were doing it too, and a whopping 49% of people believe it’s ok to say things online that they would never say in person.

Safe to say, trolling victims disagree that insulting people online is less damaging than in reality. 17% of young people are adamant that online trolling is worse than bullying someone in person.

Where do people get trolled?

Our study shows that Facebook is the most common place for victims to be trolled, with 45% of those who have experienced it having had abusive messages posted on their own walls. 28% have been the subject of slurs posted on someone else’s wall.

How do we stop trolling from happening?

Swot up on the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of online behavior by heading over to the Do Something Facebook page. Over the coming weeks we’ll be back to report on more Lolz and Trolls. In the meantime, here’s the big picture…

Lolz not trolls Infographic

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