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Make your good deeds count by totting up your volunteering hours for the vInspired awards scheme

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10 hours of volunteering

Just starting out with your volunteering? Record 10 hours and get your first steps into volunteering recognised straight away.

You'll need to add hours as you go and tell us about the volunteering you did. You can also add some colour to your story by uploading photos. If you get the taste for it you can then move on to the v30!

Your v10 hours count towards the v30, so you're well on your way.

Start working towards a v10

50 hours of volunteering

So you wanna be a volunteer superstar?

The v50 is where to head. Same as the v30, you'll need to add hours as you go, tell us about the difference you made and add photos if you've got some. Once you've reached 50 hours, submit your award for approval and we'll get your certificate to you ASAP.

Keep it up! Move on to the v100. Your v50 hours count towards the v100, so you're half way there.

Start working towards a v50

100 hours of volunteering

Seriously dedicated to changing the world?

The v100 is our top award! You know the score by now. Log your hours, write down what you've learned and share photos of your experiences. Once you've reached 100 hours, submit your award for approval. We'll send a shiny certificate your way.

Finished the v100? Don't stop here! Carry on adding your hours and telling us about your experiences. Use your Volunteering Profile to show the difference you've made and demonstrate your skills and experience for further education or employment.

Start working towards a v100

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