Arts, crafts and creativity session leader

Closing for application: 05 May 2023

Our members LOVE arts & crafts so we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to share their passion for craft! No skills required just a desire to share what you love & help members make simple items

Age: 18 - 30
When: Weekdays
Where: Onsite


Every Thursday and/or Friday 10 - 3

At Bournemouth Gateway Club we have a really wide range of ages and abilities, but we are really looking to encourage more younger and independant memebrs to join, to make friends, learn lifeskills, interact with their peer group etc. We really need some more volunteers in and around this age group that they can relate to.

All sorts of skills and tasks are needed - someone to organise activities or events, someone to get everybody off their bums and join in or just have a kick around or a game of pool.

If you think you can spare a couple of hours a week, or even better the whole session, we'd be glad to see you for a chat and the tour and see what you think!

What is next?

Get in touch and pop in for an informal chat and the tour! look forward to hearing from you :)