Bournemouth Gateway Club Ltd

You can join the following groups to get involved with Bournemouth Gateway Club Ltd.

About us

We are a social and activities club for adults 18+ with learning or related disabilites.

We aim to provide;

  • a place to meet with your peer group, socialise, chill and have fun
  • a place of safety where everyone is accepted and welcomed regardless of their age or ability
  • a place to learn life skills, be progressive and forward moving within our own desires and limitations
  • a Gateway Active centre - this means we support and encoruage our members towards a healthy, active lifestyle
  • a place to build confidence, self esteem and a sense of worth
  • Mencap Gateway Award centre (DoE for adults with learning disabilities) 5 sections of hobbies, volunteering, fitness, lifestyle and adventure challenge
  • a place to express yourself through art, drama, confidence and assertiveness raising workshops

We have many roles for volunteers and usually say 'bring your passion and share what you love' as enthusiasm will spread! If you have a hobby or interest you are very welcome to share it. If you dont have a 'thing' dont worry - we can still find lots to do - you can chose between a quiet role doing admin and working behind the scenes in planning and organising, you can be noisy and sporty and organise dance and sports activities and get people up and moving, if you like a natter you can involve people in arts and crafts or games and sit one to one or part of a group for a good old gossip or if you just want, just turn up and see how it goes! Most people start on the coffee bar as its not too demanding and a good place to get to know everyone without too much pressure and then see where you find your self expanding to!