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What we do

We're the nation's leading youth volunteering charity...

We believe that young people can change the world.

We provide young people with opportunities to gain new experiences and skills for life by taking action on causes they care about.

We’ve created more than one million volunteering opportunities. So far, over 164,000 young people have used to volunteer with more than 4,400 charities.

How we champion volunteering

We make it easy for young people to change the world. In return for their time, volunteers become more skilled, confident and employable whilst doing things they really care about.

There are rewards available for vInspired volunteers. You can earn vInspired Awards  that illuminate your CV. You can become a young entrepreneur. You can make your own projects a reality by getting valuable funding through our programmes. You can make a change by campaigning for things that you care about.

We've changed the face of volunteering by transforming the ways that young people can do good things.

Raise money for young people to build futures

vInspired relies on voluntary contributions to continue supporting young people. Accomplish great things by taking part in a fundraising event to raise money for us. 
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About vInspired

Volunteer whoever you are, wherever you are

  • Our Schools programme teaches young people the value of volunteering early on. We are currently running this programme with schools across the country.
  • We help enterprising young people to set up their own voluntary projects with funding from cashpoint to tackle community causes they care about. 

About vInspired

Digital for good

  • We champion digital innovation. We utilise online channels to inspire young people nationwide.
  • Do Something UK builds on the enormous success of Do Something in the US. vInspired set up Do Something UK to harness the power of online to inspire offline action. 
  • Task Squad lets your volunteering CV do the job hunting for you. Sign up to Task Squad and receive temp jobs straight to your phone.

About vInspired

Recognising volunteers

The vInspired Awards provide formal recognition of the time and skills you invest in volunteering, and the benefits to people, communities and the environment. They can even be used on UCAS applications.

Organisations can sign up to vInspired to recruit young people for voluntary roles. They can also track their progress and give rewards by becoming a vInspired Awards Provider.