Goodstock by vInspired smashes the myth that charity shops are about old-fashioned, worn out clothes.

Located in the heart of Manchester's student district, Goodstock is a charity shop for young people, run by young people.

And the best bit? Every penny goes back into vInspired to fund more programmes to increase the skills, confidence and employability of young people.

Check out Goodstock Manchester

Volunteer at Goodstock

Are you 16 or over? Live in Manchester?

We're always looking for 16-25 year old volunteers to help run our stores. Develop your retail skills in a fun and creative environment.

Volunteer at Goodstock

Giving is the new black

Donate your pre-loved clothes to Goodstock so we can help 14-25 year olds do good things for others, gain life skills and become more employable through volunteering.

Where does the money go?

Here’s the deal - Goodstock is a charity shop for the cash-strapped and fashion conscious.

Whatever you spend with us funds national youth charity, vInspired. We help 14-25 year olds do good things for others while gaining life skills and becoming employable through volunteering. We change lives. We support young people into a brighter tomorrow. Sort of like a fairy godmother, but with less wands and more Twitter.

Now that's a bargain we can get down with.