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Over half of 18-24 year olds do not vote.

That means big decisions are being made without you. Now’s your chance to change that. Start by joining the voter register.

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10 YouTubers, 10 issues, 10 weeks.

You told us you need more info to use your vote. Less party political jargon - more straight answers.

So we’ve teamed up with 10 amazing YouTubers to give you the facts on the issues you voted most important in the run up to the election - how they’ll affect you, and what each party says they’ll do about them.

They’ll tackle one issue every Tuesday until 20 April. 

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Tuition Fees

Cost of Living


Care for the Elderly

Affordable Housing

Online Privacy

Public Finances

What you can do

You’ve got something politicians want – 6.8 million votes. That’s enough to decide the election result.

2015 is your moment to show politicians what kind of country you want to live in. But they’ll only listen if they know you plan to use your vote.

Show them by getting yourself and 5 mates signed up to the voter register.